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Learn how diamonds are promoted with casino entertainment

Diamonds and casino entertainment normally go hand-in-hand. Discover how the joys of casino entertainment can be combined with the glitz and glamor of diamonds. From diamond-themed games to glittering diamond giveaways, there are many promotional opportunities.

See what it takes to host a diamond expo

Diamond expos can be a tremendous amount of fun. Explore all the entertaining ideas available to amuse and entertain guests at the event. Make sure to include these in the planning.

Find out more about running a jewelry store

Discover the ins and outs of running a jewelry store. Learn about things that work for the business, and some helpful hints that will help to get a business off the ground. Proper planning will make life easier.

The competitive nature of the jewelry industry

Find out more about the competitive nature of the jewelry industry and what it takes to stay on top of the game. Learn about the challenges to make the necessary preparations in case of an emergency.

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