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World Diamond Mark introduces Retailer Opinion Poll
The poll is available online and in print

The World Diamond Mark (WDM) has released its WDM  Retailer Opinion Poll, in an effort to learn about what retailers need in order to sell more diamonds.  The poll, among others, asks retailers to rank the type of services they wish to access in the field of promotion, education, business services and industry coordination.

"The WDM's brief is to assist retail jewellers in rekindling consumer desire and
confidence in diamonds and diamond jewellery," Alex Popov, the WDM Chairman said. "We have therefore composed detailed poll to query jewellers and ask them to rank the services they need most in order to achieve this. While we feel that we have a rather good grasp of what retail jewellers need, there is nothing like getting direct and up -to-date input from the business community we are committed to serve!" he added.

"We encourage jewellers to take ten to 15 minutes of their time and fill out the form," said Krisztina Kalman-Schueler, WDM's Programme Director. "As we are mandated to offer retailers who joined our WDM Authorised Diamond Dealer programme high-quality, consumer oriented services, the purpose of the pol is to learn more about what services retailers wish to receive to serve their business models best!"

Strong WDM's social media programme support fo WDM Authorised Diamond Dealer

It is a given that social media is an excellent tool to reach out to younger generations, many retailers are ye

t knowledgeable enough to embrace it and enjoy the efficiency and impact of social media promotion, for a strong impact when using their own or WDM's diamond marketing collateral.

Therefore, the WDM offers a programme to get diamond retailers up to speed on the use of social media. The final goal is to encourage diamond retailer members of WDM's accredited retailers (WDM Authorised Diamond Dealer) are selected for their reputational qualities, as they are committed, among others, to diamond promotion, to transparency, to full disclosure of their product sourcing, to be open for consumer feedback, and not to sell synthetic diamonds, unless they are sold in a separate section of the stores.

WDM' social media programme WDM's accredited retailers includes a four step programme:

1. Introduction to posting social media ads
WDM offers member Authorised Diamond Dealer free postings of their relevant news on the WDM's social media platforms, with the exoplicit purpose to familiarise them with social media postings, and to learn how to craft and format text and prepare and size photos and other visuals for these postings. 

2. Social media promotion
In this module, WDM teaches retailers how they can reach out to their target audience and how to promote their posts on various social media platforms,  in a cost- and time effective manner.  

3. Building communities with content
The WDM supports its Authorised Diamond Dealer members in building social media communities around their brand's presence. For this purpose, the WDM provides free content blocks, WDM provides diamond promotion  clips and videos, diamond news and diamond information material to be used in social media or in the stores.

4. Tailor-made social media campaigns
Once the Authorised Diamond Dealer retail members are actively running their own social media campaigns, WDM's social media experts provide support by designing and placing these campaigns on the right platforms and by promoting them directly to the customers.

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World Diamond Museum debuts at JCK Show in Las Vegas

The World Diamond Mark Foundation (WDM) announced it has built the virtual foundations of the World Diamond Museum, a unique resource in the cloud that will be bringing together and put on display an unprecedented and therefore unique collections of extraordinary diamonds and diamond
jewellery - from famous stones to hidden, until now unknown pieces that deserve to be seen, admired and enjoyed by the consumer public at large.

The name of the World Diamond Museum is Facets of Mankind stressing the intrinsic connection between the diamond and the human civilization. Its establishment was first announced during the recent biennial 37th World Diamond Congress that was held in Dubai two weeks ago.

In presenting the concept, WDM Chairman Alex Popov said that by building the museum, the WDM will reintroduce the art of storytelling about diamonds to the consumer. "Facets of Mankind is to be a living documentary of the journey of diamonds and its relationship with the human race," Popov commented. "In the narrative of the introductory movie, it is said that 'in the diamond, we see ourselves, the best we can be.' This is also what motivated the WDM and its creative team to set out on this journey."

WDM provides generic diamond promotion services
for retail jewellers, at the ultimate consumer touchpoints

The World Diamond Mark (WDM) congratulated the Diamond Producers Association (DPA) upon the presentation of its new slogan and the creation of its first collaterals that the DPA will be using in its diamond promotion campaigns toward the holiday season. The WDM emphasized that it looks forward to be working together with the DPA toward influencing the consumers mind about diamonds and improving the bottom line of retail jewellers by helping them to sell more diamonds and diamond jewellery, at higher margins.

"The WDM represents the interests of the mid-pipeline - and therefore also of the retail jewellers - and believes that the entire pipeline need to work together as equals when reviving consumer desire for diamonds and diamond jewellery," Popov stated.

"The DPA's efforts, as we understand them, will focus foremost on the consumers' mindset. The WDM believes that the 'new diamond dream' can only be successful if experience seeking Millennials are given an opportunity to embrace the new diamond dream through a variety of experiences in real life, such as in the retail purchasing experience, but also in the virtual space, such as social media, and at diamond events."

"We recognize it is difficult to advertise and market to Millennials who don't want to be told what to buy. Therefore, any generic diamond marketing will need to be done on the retailers' level, at the 'real life consumer touch points' for successful impact," Popov stated.

Have you seen the last edition of the WDMagazine?

One of the highlights in the latest edition of the World Diamond Magazine is an exclusive interview with Willie Nagel, the Nestor of the De Beers DTC brokers, in honor of his 90th birthday. 

"The emergence of the DPA and WDM are very good developments. Producers must work together to deal with the various issues faced by the industry. The investment and global support that is needed can only be effective when all parties are working together. Also branding is important and many brands are leading the marketing efforts today. All media, including social media, of which I am less adept, will play a part in the marketing of natural diamonds, and strengthening consumer confidence. Consumer confidence must always remain the first priority in this business. Profitability too, especially today, but there are no profits without consumers!" he said. Download the magazine here!


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