The WDM Authorised Diamond Dealer programme was initiated by the WDM to support and promote diamond retailers and to help them sell diamonds more successfully.
WDM Authorised Diamond Dealers are retailers who adhere to best business practices and are therefore accredited and supported by the WDM.

The World Diamond Mark Authorised Diamond Dealer seal represents the ultimate mark of confidence of the diamond industry to influence the consumer's diamond buying decision. 


We know that the most effective promotion of diamonds and diamond jewellery is carried out by reputable retail jewellers, who pride themselves on working with skilled and ethical sales teams, and who offer beautiful natural diamond jewellery collections and create the ideal consumer shopping environment and experience.

The WDM offers the WDM Authorised Diamond Dealers a variety of tools to achieve this goal.


WDM promotion of your name and brand to the consumer
Tools to promote yourself as a WDM Authorised Diamond Dealer to the consumers
Participation in generic diamond promotion
Digital marketing for your store and brand
Education of your team

Some of the listed services are offered for free to Authorised Diamond Dealer, while others are available at a reduced price.


Business services and networking


DIAMANI JEWELS is presenting an exclusive collection of the finest jewellery but besides this we are also able to offer our customers a comprehensive range of services.

Would you like to brighten up or repair your jewellery? You are at the right place for transforming and creating your dream for a new unique piece of jewellery.

For diamonds over one carat size every stone is certified by one of the official recognised international gemmological institutes HRD, IGI or GIA.

We also provide you a DIAMANI certificate by each purchase authenticating your jewel.

RINGO Jewelry for 24 years has already been manufacturer of high quality and innovative design jewelries.

Today RINGO is a well - known brand for connoisseurs of exclusive jewelries in Asia and Europe. 

Due to international broad understanding of style and modern worldview, RINGO changes image of jewelry design and dramatically expands horizon of its customers taste.

RINGO overcomes boundaries and expands possibility.  RINGO - ahead of time. Today and forever.

Diamond Blue / Oriane Jewelry is a family business in Antwerp, Belgium with more than 35 years of experience in the business of jewels and diamonds. The three stores of the business qualified for the prestigious Antwerp Most Brilliant label. The stores are specialized the trade of fine jewelry, consisting of 18 carats gold jewellery. Moreover, the stores are also specialized in diamonds and have a broad selection of certified diamonds.

Rudiam Jeweller specialises in the design and production of exclusive, hand made jewellery. All jewellery is created by design and in close co-operation with the customer in our own workshop, using the best materials.

Since it was established in 1973, Rudiam builds on a long tradition of quality and craftsmanship. Rudiam represents two generations of jeweller-diamond dealers and has been at the heart of the Antwerp diamond center for over 40 years. Rudiam is therefore a house where perfection is standard, service makes the difference and trust is the trademark. The store qualified for the prestigious Antwerp Most Brilliant label.

Luca 1959 is a family-owned and run business that was founded on integrity, courtesy, service and value for money. Luca 1959 have an award-winning Italian design team who knows how to create beauty to flatter the wearer at the same time as holding the stones securely. They aim to be able to compete on quality, design and price with the best there is, anywhere in the world. Luca 1959 source their stones directly from the world greatest cutting centers. That cuts out the middleman, so they can pass on the saving to you.

Laferrière & Brixi Diamantaires is recognized as a trustworthy expert in all jewelry-related matters from seasoned collectors looking to purchase a unique stone to jewelry enthusiasts considering a special commissioned piece. In addition to our international private client base, the company acts as an expert-consultant and broker for leading Insurance Companies, Private Banks and Wealth Advisors.

Designer Diamonds is a family-owned luxury jewellery company headquartered in Munich, Germany. It is one of Germany's prominent retailers, manufacturers and distributors of diamond engagement and wedding ring jewellery with over 25 years of experience.

Singapore's Premium Jewellery store with Exotic Indian Designs, Exclusive Nakshatra Diamond Collection & Excellent Consultation Services.

A contemporary, luxury brand based in Singapore that believes in the importance of conducting business in a responsible and sustainable manner, LuvenusJewellery maintains that it became an WDM Authorised Diamond Dealer as to demonstrate commitment to obtaining and crafting diamond jewellery in an ethical and environmentally responsible way, and therefore, to further elevate the brand’s positioning, strengthen the brand’s image and integrity, and to increase consumer confidence.

Operation with 125 stores in12 countries including the UAE, Oman, Kuwait and Qatar and India

 Pure Gold Jewellers says it will be implementing the Authorised Diamond Dealer programs “to enthuse consumers and enhance their buying experience.”

Flagship store in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Mr. Datuk Ng Teck Fong CEO said: ”…by accrediting Le Lumiere to the WDM  Authorised Diamond Dealer programme, we yet are taking another step in sustaining the retailer's image, contributing to the improvement of consumer confidence in diamonds and diamond jewellery, and consequently increasing sales of diamonds and diamond jewellery to our target audiences.”

Established in 1856, our independent, family owned and run jewellers with 115+ jewellery stores across England and Wales celebrated its 160th birthday in 2016. F. Hinds has an interesting and eventful history and we now welcome two, 7th generation Hinds family members into the business.


The accreditation programme is based on a fundamental retail diamond industry Code of Practices and a set of obligations to ensure the highest possible level of consumer service.

All applicants need to go through the accreditation process, which consists of:

  1. Signing the WDM Code of Practices
  2. Providing the required application documents
  3. Paying the membership fee
  4. Education of sales staff
  5. WDM Accreditation

1. WDM Code of practices (CoP)

The World Diamond Mark® has established a set of operating principles to reinforce confidence in the diamond supply chain.  All Authorised Diamond Dealers must comply with, and sign, the WDM Authorised Diamond Dealer® Code of Practices.  The Authorised Diamond Dealer Code of Practices is based on the World Federation of Diamond Bourses’ Code of Conduct, and follows the principles below. The WDM Code of Practices must be signed by the CEO of the applying Authorised Diamond Dealer before accreditation by the World Diamond Mark.


WDM Authorised Diamond Dealer agrees to:

  1. Exhibit professional knowledge and skills, and ensure all retail sales staff are trained through accredited WDM training programmes and remain updated on such programmes as and when revised. 
  2. Describe diamonds and other gemstones and jewelry accurately and fairly in accordance with local and global industry standards and norms.
  3. Disclose all treatments of diamonds and other gemstones, whether traditional or otherwise.
  4. Commit not to sell artificial, man-made, synthetic or any other similar type of non-natural diamonds.  An exception can be made to large shops where such non-natural diamonds can be sold with clear separation from natural diamonds. The separation of the shopping space dedicated for natural diamonds and for synthetic diamonds is subject to approval by the WDM.
  5. Disclose whether a diamond or any other gemstone is synthetic, man-made, cultured, lab-grown or created wholly or partly through any such process which would classify it as not completely natural. 
  6. Take all the necessary measures, required and voluntary, in order to avoid trading in conflict diamonds, including supporting the implementation, commitments and undertakings of the diamond industry as part of the Kimberley Process or similar measures adopted by the WDM and/or WDM partner organizations from time to time.
  7. Implement Know Your Counterparty (“KYC”) practices with suppliers and customers, which require businesses to establish the identity of all organizations with which they deal, have a clear understanding of their business relationships and have a reasonable ability to identify and react to transaction patterns which may be out of the ordinary or suspicious.
  8. Observe fair labor practices and provide employees with a safe and healthy work environment, in accordance with the guidance of the local laws.
  9. Endorse and practice human rights in business and in society, in accordance with the local laws.
  10. Comply with legal obligations, behaviors and practices in accordance with international, national, state or local laws of the country or countries in which the Authorised Diamond Dealer operates.

Signing of the CoP needs to be renewed annually by the Authorised Diamond Dealer.

Here you can find the downloadable version of the CoP for you to sign.

2. Required application documents

  • Duly completed application form;
  • Copy of any trade license;
  • Certificate of registration with the tax authority;
  • Document confirming the authority of the person signing the aggreement;
  • Two letters of good reference received from suppliers, members of Diamond Bourses which belong to the WFDB or other similar reputable organisations;Proof of membership to a local reputable jewellery association, CIBJO, RJC or WFDB-associated organisations;
  • Proof of membership in a local reputable jewellery association, CIBJO, RJC or WFDB-associated organisations;
  • Catalogue of products, online or printed, or any proof of diamond jewellery sold by the company;
  • Proof of KYP policy in place, if applicable;
  • Signed Code of Practices;
  • Any other documents that may be deemed relevant by the WDM.

3. Membership fee

  • Silver membership includes: 
    • Company accreditation;
    • WDM Authorised Diamond Dealer certificate and stickers;
    • Listing as an official WDM Authorised Dealer on WDM website www.worlddiamondmark.org.
    • Membership Fee: 300 USD per shop per year.  For retail chains of 5+ shops discounts may apply.


  • Gold membership for retailers includes: 
    • Сompany accreditation; 
    • WDM Authorised Diamond Dealer certificate and stickers;
    • Listing as an official Authorised Diamond Dealer on WDM website www.worlddiamondmark.org;
    • Listing as a trusted retailer on WDM consumer websites www.passion.diamonds;
    • Promotion to consumers;
    • Participation in generic diamond marketing;
    • Access to marketing collaterals;
    • Educational courses;
    • Support for digital media promotion;
    • Business services and networking.
    • Membership Fee: 1500 USD per shop per year.  For retail chains of 5+ shops discounts may apply. 


  • Gold membership for diamantaires includes: 
    • Company accreditation; 
    • WDM Authorised Diamond Dealer certificate and stickers;
    • Listing as an official Authorised Diamond Dealer on WDM website www.worlddiamondmark.org as a supporter of the industry;
    • Access to all trade promotional support;
    • Educational courses;
    • Access to Authorised Diamond Dealers database;
    • Membership Fee:  From 1,000 USD to 5,000 USD per year.

4. Education of sales staff

WDM Authorised Diamond Dealer are encouraged to maintain the highest level of education on diamonds and related topics, including factual diamond knowledge, sales techniques, product presentations, etc. The WDM has developed an educational module for WDM Authorised Diamond Dealer to help them update and fine-tune their factual knowledge, techniques and methods.

The retailer agrees that 75% of the permanent sales staff will complete a free online diamond sales training course provided by one of our training partners, and pass the test within the first year of Authorised Diamond Dealer membership.

5. WDM accreditation

The accreditation will be carried out by WDM with the help of local professionals. In case the application is approved the management of the applying organisation agrees as follows:

The WDM and their local agencies have the right to audit the records and business practices of the applying organisation on an annual basis in order to establish compliance to the agreement.