Alex Popov
Chairman & CEO

Alex Popov is the founder and CEO of the AP Diamond Consult that is active in luxury distribution and retail in the Russian Federation, CIS countries and the Baltic states. He currently is chairman at Indo-Russian Jewellery Foundation and joint CEO at Art Alliance deLuxe Ltd. As an expert in Russian luxury distribution and retail, he lectures frequently on the topic. After emigrating to Israel from the Soviet Union in 1980, Mr. Popov got involved in the diamond and jewellery trade. During the late 1990s, he worked in Switzerland where he served the diamond needs of Swiss watch brands and ultimately established a successful jewellery distribution business. After the turn of the century, Mr. Popov managed marketing and sales of baguette diamonds for luxury watch brands, in cooperation with the Avi Paz Group in Geneva. In 2005, Mr. Popov was instrumental in the founding of the first, private Russian diamond and jewellery exchange. His work and relentless efforts ultimately led to the the acceptance of the Moscow Diamond Bourse (MDB) as a member of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) He has since served as a board member, CEO, vice-president and was elected MDB president in 2008. He is a member of the WFDB Executive Committee. Within the framework of MDB, Alex Popov is active in promoting Russian diamond and jewellery interests abroad as well as facilitating bi-lateral diamond and jewellery trade between Russia and India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, China and Israel. Mr. Popov is one of the founders of the World Diamond Mark project and together with his colleagues Suresh Hathiramani of Singapore and Rami Baron of Australia, has created the WDM business model. He currently serves as the chairman of the World Diamond Mark Foundation.