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Promotion of your name and brand to the consumer

The WDM promotes all WDM Authorised Diamond Dealers to consumers as trusted retail jewellers for the purchase of diamonds and diamond jewellery, and as retailers who offer the highest quality shopping experience to consumers. 

Most of the services are provided free of charge for WDM Authorised Diamond Dealer members.

  • Consumer promotion of WDM Authorised Diamond Dealer stores. More >>
  • It is essential that consumers learn about the WDM Authorised Diamond Dealer programme, the identity of each WDM Authorised Diamond Dealer and the benefits of purchasing diamonds and diamond jewellery from WDM Authorised Diamond Dealers.

    The WDM focuses on digital marketing as the most effective means of communication, but is also using other formats and media to reach consumers.

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  • Media announcements on the accreditation of each WDM Authorised Diamond Dealer member.  More >>
  • It is important to let your customers know that you have joined the WDM Authorised Diamond Dealer programme.  Our goal is to create the largest possible promotional impact, both for you and for the Authorised Diamond Dealer programme. The media announcement on your accreditation will be prepared by the WDM and includes photos of your WDM Authorised Diamond Dealer membership signing ceremony, against the backdrop of both your own and the WDM logo. The news release will be distributed to our database and will posted on your, and our, Facebook & Twitter channels.

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  • Social media posting for your brand or campaigns. More >>
  • WDM will be posting WDM Authorised Diamond Dealer members’ ads on the WDM Facebook page with a link to the Authorised Diamond Dealer’s website.  You can post your usual social media ads and distribute them to a wider audience.  Or you can create an international social media campaign using the WDM platform. 

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  • Regular promotional posts and articles about WDM Authorised Diamond Dealer members.
  • Media coverage on WDM events featuring WDM Authorised Diamond Dealer. More >>
  • WDM Authorised Diamond Dealer can participate in promotional events organized by the WDM.  These events attract generous media coverage, such as TV, print, radio, as well as online and in social media. 

    For example, a fabulous diamond necklace provided by a WDM partner and displayed and worn at an event at a trade show in Turkey, attracted wide social media coverage and the coverage by some 17 national TV stations. 

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  • Listing of your name, logo and introduction as a WDM Authorised Diamond Dealer on the World Diamond Mark website
  • Promotion of your shop on our consumer website (launch in second half of 2016).
  • Promotion of your store or website on our consumer website  (launch in 2017).
  • PR edits and print advertising of your store in consumer media. More >>
  • The WDM marketing team will assist you in the design and placement of ads in the regional and international consumer media, and will help you to reach out to a specific target audience.

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  • Marketing opportunities at WDM events. More >>
  • The World Diamond Mark initiates and organises various industry events, both B2B and B2C, aimed at the promotion of diamonds and diamond trade.  You can be part of such events using various promotion opportunities or by participating in the event itself
    The list of WDM initiatives with various marketing opportunities: 
    • The World Diamond Conference an event which brings together leaders of politics and the industry to participate in a constructive dialog on the future of the industry.
    •  The Diamond Industry Think Tank, a forum for major diamond industry stakeholders for discussions of challenges facing the diamond industry, and for joining efforts to move forward.
    • The WDM Diamond Jewellery Shows at B2C and B2B exhibitions, fashions shows, store openings etc.
    •  Jewellery design contests, raffle draws with diamond prizes, charity gala dinners, shopping festivals.

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  • Local diamond promotions and sales events, in your region, town or store. More >>
  • In our view, it is important for you to be actively promoting diamonds at the consumer touch point. The WDM is happy to assist you to set up diamond promotional events in your flagship store, in your town, on a particular occasion, for store opening or as a part of your local campaign.

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  • Customised WDM Authorised Diamond Dealer promotion campaign for your name and brand.