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1. Please provide your type of business from the list below:
  • Independent Jewelry Retailer – Single Store
  • Jewelry Retailer – 2 to 10 stores
  • Jewelry Retailer – 11-30 stores
  • Jewelry Retailer – 30+ stores
  • Online/Internet Retailer
  • Jewelry Wholesaler
  • Diamond Dealer
  • Distributor
  • Designer
  • Consumer
  • Other, please specify
2. Which % share of your sales originates from diamonds and diamond jewellery?
  • 0-20%
  • 21-40%
  • 41-60%
  • 61-80%
  • 81-100%
3. What would you need in order to improve your diamond sales and profits on diamond sales?
You need this in order to improve diamond sales and profits on diamond sales: 1 2 3 4 5
Choose one circle for each row below
Consumers desiring diamonds over other luxury market products
More diamond consumers visiting your shop
Higher ticket price per diamond consumer
Global generic diamond promotion
Generic diamond promotion in your region
Promotion of diamonds to tourists
Promotional events such as fashion shows, exhibitions, raffles etc. in your area
Diamond promotional events in your shop
Social media promotion of your shop/brand/products
Ready-to-use diamond promotional templates e.g. print material, videos etc. provided for your own campaign
User friendly diamond information material for your sales staff
User friendly diamond information material for consumers
Other promotional activities, please specify:
Consumers’ trust in your shop for purchasing diamonds
More official information and industry position statements on ethical issues such as blood diamonds, child labour, synthetics sales policy etc
Stricter diamond sourcing standards e.g. wide implementation of KYS/KYC policies in the diamond pipeline
Unification of diamond grading standards to create comparable grading reports
Other activities increasing trust in diamonds, please specify:
Improved selling skills of your sales team
Your sales team advanced education on diamonds and the diamond industry
Your sales team ability to bring magic to the diamonds in the sales discussion
Staff instruction on controversial diamond industry issues such as conflict diamonds, treatments, synthetic diamonds etc.
Your sales team training on how to sell luxury products
Other education or knowledge, please specify:
Opportunity to source products at better prices and better terms
Help with crosschecking suppliers or creditors
Access to services such as banking or insurance at lower rates
Access to additional financing services
Opportunity to lower credit card transaction fees
Opportunity to reduce promotional costs, graphic design and online advertising expenses
Access to offers from buying clubs, like buyers’ group trips, etc.
Other cost reduction opportunities, please specify:
4. WDM is currently offering a set of benefits and value added services to diamond jewellery retailers, and would like to optimise this programme in order to help your business.

Which WDM ADD services do you consider valuable for your business? Which ones you are willing to pay for within or beyond the membership fees?
Services available for WDM ADDs I would definitely pay for this service BEYOND the membership fee I would pay for this service as PART of the membership fee Not sure. I might pay for this service only if I USE it I will use this service only if it’s FREE of charge I DON’T need this service
Choose one circle for each row below
Marketing and Promotion
Direct promotion of your company/brand to local diamond consumers
Promotion of your company/ brand at WDM events e.g. fashion shows, conferences, diamond museum
PR placement about your company/brand in consumer media
Promotion of your shop as a trusted location to buy diamonds and diamond jewellery
Placement of your promotional materials in social media and online
Promotion of your shop at WDM’s consumer diamond promotion website
Joint promotion campaigns with other ADD members in your region
CRM solutions for your shops
Health check of your website and social media pages by digital media experts
Continuous diamond and diamond jewellery updates and news feed for your shop’s staff and management
Downloadable generic diamond promotion artworks and templates for you to use in your campaigns
Diamond and diamond jewellery sales events in your shops
Other promotional activities you may need that are not listed here, please elaborate:
Selling skills and sales psychology training for your staff
Technical courses, e.g. how to sell treated diamonds; synthetics identification; coloured diamond knowledge, etc.
Seminars and panel discussions with industry opinion leaders
Webinars on acute industry issues
Luxury education offered by top luxury brands
Other education topics that may be interesting to you, please elaborate:
Business and networking services
Reduced price offers from third party service providers e.g. insurance, trade shows, banking
Reduction of credit card transaction fees
Access to diamond buyers’ events
Help with counterparty checking (KYS/KYC)
Networking events in your region with other ADD members, industry experts, other market players.
Regular ADD members round table discussions on the market situation, development of coordinated action plan
Other important business and networking services, please elaborate:
5. Are you a member of a jewellery association and which of its services do you appreciate most?
6. Geographic regions you have shops in:
  • Middle-East
  • Far-East
  • Europe
  • USA
  • Russia
  • South America
  • Other, please specify
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