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Participation in generic diamond promotion

Be part of a worldwide diamond promotion campaign!

The WDM goal is to rekindle consumers’ desire for diamonds and diamond jewellery and to boost demand for natural diamonds.
The WDM offers you the opportunity to be part of a worldwide diamond promotion campaign together with other diamond industry stakeholders.
WDM has created a variety of artworks and campaign material to serve that purpose. 
You can contribute to the generic promotion of diamonds and promote yourself at the same time simply by using this advertising and promotional material with your company’s name and logo on it in your own promotional campaigns.

  • Generic diamond promotion artworks for print, outdoors etc. promotion. More >>
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  • Generic diamond promotion artworks for online and social media diamond promotionMore >>
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  • Diamond content blocks for your social media More >>
  • WDM Authorised Diamond Dealer have free access to content blocks annually for free. These content blocks include stories on diamonds, which you can share with your customers or your sales team can use them to entertain customers. Alternatively, the content blocks can relate to recent diamond related news, or provide up-to-date information on diamond exhibitions, auctions etc.

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  • Diamond cultural heritage video to play in your store.