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The WDM is driven by creating consumer interest, enthusiasm and demand for diamonds and diamond jewellery; and by building a highest quality luxury shopping experience for the diamond consumers. In its activities the WDM reaches out to the consumers, the retailers and the diamond industry at the same time.

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  • Consumer Diamond Promotion

    WDM Strategy Framework

      A number of studies show that consumers need to have a purchasing intention for a product (desire), and trust in the product and the retail outlet in order to complete the purchase.


      Desire is the most important purchasing motive for products in the luxury category. Without it diamonds will become lost among luxury holidays, IT gadgets, shoes and handbags. WDM will rebuild interest in diamonds as an object of desire.


      Trust is the additional element required when desire is existent. Desire without trust leads neither to socially accepted behaviour, nor to the actual purchase. Therefore, the WDM lays specific emphasis on consumer trust in the retail outlets and the purchasing experience.

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  • World Diamond Museum

    The World Diamond Mark presents the World Diamond Museum, the most comprehensive research, preservation and education cultural project. FACETS OF MANKIND is a virtual diamond museum that brings together information, images and narratives from across the globe and through the centuries, from experts and authorities, museums and collections, private and public. 

    Magnificent collections of diamonds and diamond jewellery are held in many major museums. The great heritage jewellery houses – Cartier, Boucheron, Harry Winston, Van Cleef&Arpels, Chaumet and others have extensive collections and archives that are for the most part inaccessible to the general public.

    Similarly, diamonds take pride of place in the historic Crown Jewel collections of royal dynasties, as they do in private collections of noble families worldwide. Added to this, great, historic or simply intriguing diamonds regularly pass through the hands of antique dealers, diamond traders, diamantaires, private collectors and auction houses.

    FACETS OF MANKIND connects them all, collating material from every source.

    Nothing fascinates people more than real stones and real jewellery. Those will be shown as well, by means of taking the World Diamond Museum to all major museums in the world as visiting exhibition. Those will follow a linear presentation and tell the story of diamonds through multimedia and actual examples.This will be a dynamic exhibition, with actual diamonds, jewels and luxury items set with diamonds by renowned designers featured at each venue.

    The Facets of Mankind will start its travel around the world in 2017.

    Details will follow soon.


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  • WDMagazine

    Print magazines have become a rare phenomenon. It is therefore that the WDMF is very pleased to be launching an exclusive, top quality, quarterly magazine that features the article of the international trade press top journalist and writers. Published in cooperation with the Turkish Jewelry Exporters Association (JTR), our magazine provides information about the latest jewelry and fashion trends, offers features on in-store sales training and marketing techniques, reports on diamond and jewelry industry, recent auction houses news, trade show reports, WDMF and JTR news and much more. We can also send it to your mail box. Please subscribe to the printed version.
    Sep, 2017
    WDM's Part of You campaign
    May, 2017
    Spark of Genius
    Dec, 2016
    Selling Fancy Coloured Diamonds
    Aug, 2016
    Museum Of Named Diamonds
    May, 2016
    Istanbul Jewelry Show marked by cooperation agreement between Turkey and China
    Jan, 2016
    Global Consumer Demand & Diamond Jewellery Retail
    Sep, 2015
    Istanbul Will Welcome the WORLD
    Jun, 2015
    Industry Discusses Market's Future
    Mar, 2015
    Industry Grows With Fairs
    Dec, 2014
    Istanbul Becomes New Center of Diamond Trade
    Sep, 2014
    The Largest October Edition to Date
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  • World Diamond Conference

    The World Diamond Conference was created to bring together diamond companies, politicians and other stakeholders and discuss issues of importance.

    The first World Diamond Conference was held inIndia in December 2014 in the presence, and with the support, of Indian Prime Minister Navendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin.  It led to significant trade agreements between India and Russia.

    This first conference set a precedent for the WDM together with the GJEPC as leading industry-driven organisations that initiate and implement industry events benefiting the diamond industry.

    Photos from the event: http://worlddiamondmark.org/photos/22

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