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Material to promote yourself as a WDM Authorised Diamond Dealer to the consumer

The WDM logo, WDM Authorised Diamond Dealer seal and WDM marketing collaterals are a valuable supplement to your own advertising campaigns and an opportunity to promote your name and brand as a trusted place to buy diamonds.

  • The WDM Authorised Diamond Dealer seal representing a “quality mark” of your store. More >>
  • The WDM Authorised Diamond Dealer demonstrates that you are a best practice retailer accredited by the World Diamond Mark, a mark of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses. The seal is a sign for consumers to look for when they are planning a diamond purchase and is displayed with high visibility in the store.

    When entering our programme, you will receive a WDM Authorised Diamond Dealer certificate and two types of stickers: for your displays and for the door. The stickers carry a unique serial number and the year of validity.

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  • Consumer information about the benefits of purchasing from WDM Authorised Diamond Dealer. More >>
  • You will face the situation when you need to explain the WDM Authorised Diamond Dealer programme and its values to your customers.

    WDM provides you with consumer-friendly information explaining the program values and answers to frequently asked questions.
    It is important for you to mention that your store has passed a strict selection process, was accredited by the WDM and is therefore a trusted place to buy diamonds.

    What is the WDM Authorised Diamond Dealer program?

    The WDM Authorised Diamond Dealer (WDM Authorised Diamond Dealer) programme was initiated by the World Diamond Mark to ensure that a customer gets the highest quality diamond shopping experience. 
    To become a WDM Authorized Diamond Dealer a diamond jewellery retailer must complete a strict accreditation process and commit to a series of best practices by signing the WDM Code of Principles.
    An Authorised Diamond Dealer seal displayed in the shop is a “quality mark” confirming that this jewellery retailer is a trusted location for purchasing diamonds.  

    When seeing an Authorised Diamond Dealer seal on a shop door a customer can be assured that he will receive truthful and transparent information at this shop on diamonds and diamond jewellery being offered; that its sales staff is able to discuss the key diamond attributes and to explain how a certificate is read; that here he can receive trustworthy information on the quality, origin and other issues relating to the diamond.

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  • WDM Authorised Diamond Dealer artworks and templates for advertising campaigns. More >>
  • The WDM provides you with ready-to-use creative artworks and templates for your advertising campaigns to promote you as a WDM Authorised Diamond Dealer. The current range includes billboards, other outdoor formats, roll-ups, invitations, print ads, social media posts, etc.  The artworks are free to download and to use for WDM Authorised Diamond Dealer.
    Please contact for details.

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  • WFDB’s image video for you to run in the shop, or in social media. More >>

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  • Diamond heritage video More >>
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