Laferrière & Brixi Diamantaires

Laferrière & Brixi Diamantaires’ unique and profoundly personal, our creations are the realisation of your dream and that of our exceptional craftsmanship. Each commission is studied with care in order to create exclusive jewelry that meets your desire, the budget, the proper technique and the aesthetic for which Laferriere & Brixi is renowned. Our custom-made jewels are unique pieces of haute joaillerie. All our jewels bear our signature as a testament of their quality

Whether you are considering the purchase of a diamond to make a stunning jewelry piece or for investment purposes, Laferrière & Brixi has developed a unique expertise for identifying and sourcing exceptional diamonds with an emphasis on quality and value.


Accredited store address:
Laferriere & Brixi diamantaires Inc. 6, boul. Desaulniers Suit 108 , St-Lambert QC J4P 1L3, Canada