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Education of your team

A memorable purchasing experience is best delivered by a skilled and knowledgeable sales team. The WDM lays a special emphasis on education of the WDM Authorised Diamond Dealer and offers a wide range of courses including:

  • Free Diamond Jewellery Consultant online course by HRD Antwerp. (Available from late 2016) More >>
  • A sales professional true challenge is to present the product in a way that it creates a more beautiful world for the customers to enjoy.

    This introductory online course enables sales consultants to receive a comprehensive understanding of their role in the sales process, and provides the tools to turn the properties of the product into benefit for the customer. After the completion of the course, the students will take a diploma exam. This course is free of charge for WDM Authorised Diamond Dealer members, while for others, each course would carry a cost of US$ 400.
    The diploma is obligatory for 75% of the sales staff of WDM Authorised Diamond Dealer by the end of the first membership year. This course will be available later in 2016.

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  • Courses, lectures and creative workshops including a free course at L’Ecole Van Cleef & Arpels. More >>
  • WDM is proud to offer access to classes at the school of the prestigious luxury jewellery brand Van Cleef & Arpels. Art historians and designers from Van Cleef & Arpels conduct classes on jewellery arts and crafts, jewellery history and the world of gemstones. The offer includes a gift certificate for one of the courses at L’Ecole Van Cleef & Arpels’s locations in Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo or New York, and a Van Cleef & Arpels welcome gift. Please see available courses of L’Ecole Van Cleef & Arpels.

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  • Free educational materials on diamonds and diamond related topics. More >>
  • Within the educational offer the WDM provides materials for your staff for education at their own pace for free. This offer currently includes the information blocks below and will be further expanded upon.

    In the weeks to come the WDM will add more diamond sales material and the content of past webinars to download.

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  • Webinars on various topics conducted by industry experts. More >>
  • The WDM provides online webinars on current topics, sales techniques and other diamond related topics. The webinars are conducted by industry experts, and although the majority of them will be free, some webinars will require cost contribution from the participants.

    The topics include:

    • How to distinguish natural diamonds from simulants and synthetics?
    • Diamond’s role in the history
    • What is the truth about the so called “blood diamonds?”
    • The WDM will announce the upcoming webinars in the WDM e-newsletters.

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  • Educational trips for your team. More >>
  • The WDM organises educational trips for your staff to diamond cutting centers, gemological laboratories, famous jewellery houses, luxury jewellery boutiques in Europe and other locations. The current educational trips include:
    • Learn how a diamond is created from rough
      A visit to a diamond cutting centre and a gemmological lab in Antwerp, Belgium.
    • Get immersed into the art of jewellery in Paris
      A course at L’Ecole Van Cleef & Arpels and a visit to Place Vendôme – home of famous jewellery boutiques: Chanel, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Dior Joaillerie, Boucheron, Chaumet, Bulgari, Chopard, Mauboussin.
    • Learn how jewellery is born – from a designer’s inspiration to a piece of art.
      A visit to a jewellery manufacturing factory in Italy.

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  • Diamond sales courses offered in partnership with HRD Antwerp More >>
  • The characteristics of the product are not important, if customers don’t buy them. The educational courses offered in partnership with HRD Antwerp include:
    • Targeted diamond sales training
    • Course on hidden persuasion tactics in the sales process. This daylong course day discusses the models about influencing costumers, and presents ten ways to create a good impression on the customers.
    • Effective presentation and sales of diamonds. This course teaches how to present diamonds to the costumers briefly and effectively.
    • Tutorials on historical diamonds, for your sales staff education.
    • Diamond Jewellery Sales Course. What reply should be given when a customer says “I will discuss with my partner about the purchase of this necklace. I’ll come back later”? The Diamond Jewellery Sales Course delivers the secrets and confidence how to react to these situations.
    • Practical sales training at your location by HRD Antwerp.

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  • Technical diamond courses offered in partnership with HRD Antwerp. More >>
  • Technical courses offered by WDM in partnership with HRD Antwerp include:
    • IDG (Introduction to Diamond Grading) course
    • CDG (Certified Diamond Grader) Course
    • Diamond Grading Practice Week
    • Sorting of Polished Diamonds
    • Gemmology - basic course
    • Certified Gemmologist Course
    • Fancy Colored Diamonds, Treated and Lab Grown Diamonds
    • Contemporary Diamond Jewellery Design.

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  • Regional courses on topics related to a specific country. More >>
  • Each country will have different educational requirements based on local customs, and the local regulatory framework. The WDM will offer specific courses requested by local retailers. For example, the WDM will offer a course about the legal regulatory framework required for Russian retailers selling diamond jewellery.

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  • Regular updates on the industry via our e-newsletter.