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Digital marketing solutions for your store and brand

The WDM believes that digital media and social networks are the most effective way to reach a specific target audience. It is also the best tool to reach out to Millennials. 

  • Promotion of your company or brand using the WDM online platform. More >>
  • WDM Authorised Diamond Dealer have numerous opportunities to promote their name, shops or brands on the WDM digital platforms: WDM website, our consumer oriented sites and, WDM Facebook and Twitter pages.
    Please contact for details.

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  • Social networks campaign. More >>
  • WDM's digital marketing team will develop a campaign to advertise any of your promotional events to a specific target audience. It can be a WDM Authorised Diamond Dealer accreditation ceremony promoted to local diamond consumers; or a new store opening promoted to people living in the region; or your new collection of engagement rings promoted to young people in relationship within your area.  The campaign will be monitored and analyzed, and the final report with the campaign results will be provided to you upon its completion.

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  • Online advertising campaign. More >>
  • WDM will help you to run an advertising campaign in different digital media using your own ads, or ready-to-use WDM artworks with your name and logo.  Our marketing team will develop the campaign according to your target audience, expected reach and the goals you want to achieve.

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  • CRM and your website health check. More >>
  • Our digital marketing experts offer WDM Authorised Diamond Dealer an analysis of their current web presence and social media activity. Based on this analysis, WDM experts can help retailers to attract more potential consumers, improve user friendliness of the current website, use social media to reach out to the consumers in an exceptionally effective manner, and use consumer data for targeted CRM-led promotion.

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